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========================== Name: Victoria Win Web: Be Success Group Pecan Grove, Texas http://www.YourWinningEdge.org Best AutoResponder Service at the Lowest Cost. High High High Deliver Rates (99%+). I have been in Internet traffic and sales generation for over 15 years. I have used many Autoresponder e-mail services, server based, PC based and hosted account based. Rapidresponsebot is the winner. ========================== Name: Siten Email: mailc10 at gmail.com RRB seems to be an amazing autoresponder with the lowest cost on the internet. Two thumbs up to you guys ========================== Name: Stephen Morin Email: Rpmenter at aol.com I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service that you have provided me. Phil you always have answered my support tickets QUICKLY and POLITELY !!! Thank you very much, Stephen Morin ========================== Name: Arbie Peacock Email: rbie_peacock at comcast.net You guys have impressed me. I thank you for your prompt response to my request. I will have no problem promoting your service when ever possible. Thank you again. ========================== Name: Paul Messenger Email: phmessenger at gmail.com Phil: You are a prince. " Customer support on steroids! " Thanks for your help! =========================== Name: Peter Guess Email: icafecoach at tiscali.co.za Thanks for your RAPID response and support. You kept your word! ....... Many thanks Phil. I saw your edit in first message. My retest did work. I'm starting to understand how it works and see its huge benefits. My years of experience on the internet indicate that few providers have a HIGH- TECH, HIGH-TOUCH approach to eBiz. Keep it up! To Your Abundant Success!" Peter =========================== Name: Frank Black Email: fblack1952 at yahoo.com This man ROCKS!!! Big Time. Phil is one of those rare marketers that puts his customers first, unlike the so called gurus! " If you get the chance, GRAB Rapid Response Service at whatever the cost!! You won't find a better deal anywhere!!" " No matter what, get your name on his list so you can get his emails and keep abreast of his recommendations." Thanks, Phil!! Frank Black =========================== Name: Gordon Stamp Website: www.anoed.com Not all Autoresponders are created equal. When I first came across Rapid Response I had just had an unpleasant experience with a certain company who fortunately no longer exist and I needed a replacement Autoresponder double quick. Research threw up some well known names which I checked out. Quite honestly whilst their services appeared to be very good their prices were rather more than I wished to pay. Fortunately my research also threw up a new (at that time) name on the block offering the level of service I was looking for at a price I was very comfortable with. There were a few points I wanted clarifying so I shot off an email and was astounded to receive a very satisfactory reply in next to no time. It was this level of service which convinced me to sign up and I'm pleased to say that since doing so their service levels have been maintained at a very high level. This was all some time ago. I've been with Rapid Response ever since and look forward to continuing with them ad infinitum. Now I have no hesitation at all in recommending Rapid Response to all my own subscribers for a Top End Service at a Sensible, Affordable Price. I don't just recommend, I happily USE Rapid Response every day! Gordon Stamp, CEO, =========================== Name: Harold Bryant Email: There are so many positive things I could say about Rapid Response ..... I could write a novel with my word of praise. I have tried many other autoresponder services, from my own script, many, many free online autoresponders, to well known paid ones. When I signed up for the Pro Version several months ago, I had a question, I sent a email to Phil Eugene of Rapid Response , and within the hour Phil had responded to my email and answered my question to my fullest satisfaction. I left my previous service because of lack of service. In my book and I know thousands of others, know Rapid Response is the Number 1 Autoresponder service in the World. Thank you Rapid Response , Harold Bryant ===========================
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